What is Circular Fashion?

What is Circular Fashion?

What is Circular Fashion?

Circular Fashion is a state of mind! Why buy new when you can get something that has already been made and is no longer in use? I love the idea of not having to over consume all the time.

I personally always like finding a good deal on items well crafted, made to last and from my favorite designers. I used to love hoarding a collection of shoes and handbags, but it wasn’t fulfilling because “I had nothing to wear”. Nothing was ever enough. As I got to know myself better through the years, I didn’t need the last shiny thing anymore. I’ve come to construct a style which defines me and overcomes trends. I also tend to always be attracted to the same things…for me, boots and handbags always get me!

As I was taking an Environmental Psychology class two years ago, I’ve found that fashion is truly one of the most wasteful industry out there. Fast fashion has impacted our world terribly creating extremely cheap garments which become quickly disposable. Not only does it wastes valuable ressources such as water and energy, but it ends up in massive landfills which we cannot seem to know how to eradicate.

When I think about my grandmothers’ time and stories I cannot believe that women use to fix their tights when getting ripped. I also remember my grandmother saying that their mothers would draw a black line on the back of their legs with make-up pencils to fake a pair of tights when these were scarce in time of depression or war. I cherish the idea of fixing things when they are durable and well made!

I also love the idea of sharing. When I have loved a pair of boots for years, but I just no longer seem to find the use for them, I love that another woman can also get to wear them and prolonge their life. Great items are made to last and iconic designers do not got out of style!

I hope that Detach With Love’s curated wardrobe helps you find great deals which you, in turn, will love! I also want customers to know that if they are done with their item, we will sell them again on our platform. This is by definition CIRCULAR fashion. It’s a cycle and it is sustainable.

A quick word on waste - we also reuse packages here! The box you receive might not look perfect from the outside because we try to reuse everything! However, your DWL purchased items inside are always as described and authenticated!

I hope that Detach With Love will bring you joy just as it does for me! It brings like-minded sellers and buyers together to give life back to luxury goods!

If you are interested in consigning your belongings, please email us at contact@detachwithlove.com 

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