Valentines Day 15% Off Discount Treat

Valentines Day 15% Off Discount Treat

A few words to celebrate myself today…

 "Happy Valentines Day to me! I love you the most.

 After all the work I’ve done, I can forgive my young self and I know for a fact that if I don’t love myself the most no one is going to teach my little girls to love themselves. I also need to love me first to be able to love others.

 I want my daughters to grow up strong, confident and to know that anything is possible with kindness, faith and love.

 Wishing all of you ladies and mothers a beautiful day. You are pretty great ❣️

 On the occasion, enjoy 15% off any clothes and shoes for the whole week. Use code VDAY15 at checkout.

 Sending lots of love and remember to love yourself first - no one will do it better. I am whole. You are whole."

 Marie-Charlotte @detachwlove

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