Sustainable Fashion on Earth Day

Sustainable Fashion on Earth Day

It felt important for me to communicate on this special day! 

First of all, I'd like to say that Earth Day should be every day! We only have one planet and we better care for it. People like to use slogans such as “Save the Planet” but this is non-sense. The Planet doesn't need to be saved. Earth went through billions of years and many catastrophes and never died. We need to rephrase our language to “Save Humanity”. The truth is that we need to save ourselves before we go extinct. We will not survive with the way we lead our lives right now. The planet will. We won't. We should start by looking at animals species which are slowly going extinct one after another. We are next! We better wake up…

On a happier note - we can take steps into becoming wiser and do better for our environment! This needs to happen NOW. What do you do? How do you contribute to a better environment so that our children's children survive?

At Detach With Love, we start with what we already own…our clothes! By reselling we make a difference since we don't create more garments but reuse what is already on the market. We resale what has been created and is no longer used so that people can give a second life to well designed fashion items.

Clothes takes up so much water and electricity to be made. Let's buy second hand and extend the life of fabrics. 

A few facts: 

  • 95 % of fast fashion items are disposed into our landfills in less than a year
  • Every 1 second a whole garbage truck is burnt containing fabrics

Let's stop this. Let's sell our unused wardrobe and also buy preloved to create a circular fashion movement which prevents hurting our environment some more. 

If this speaks to you, please feel free to reach out to us. We are a community. We are one. One with our Mother Earth.

Sending love,

Marie-Charlotte Vatelot

Founder, Detach With Love


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