London Calling: An epic week of luxury fashion with Christos

London Calling: An epic week of luxury fashion with Christos

I've just returned home from the 2023 'Christos Con' in London, where Christos and team curated an unforgettable week of luxury fashion events. It was truly spectacular.

From breakfast at Prada, to a private viewing of iconic couture pieces, it was a whirlwind of luxury fashion and once in a lifetime experiences at some of London's most iconic venues. It even included unexpectedly being driven by Prince William and Catherine's chauffeur into the grounds of Kensington Palace for a magnificent gala.

When I began selling with Christos just under a year ago, I had no idea of the journey that I was about to embark on. Until then I'd only sold in person or on the internet and just thought that live shows would be a more exciting way to resell luxury fashion. What I didn't realise, of course, is that in working with Christos you become part of something much bigger; a community.

The strength of Christos' community lies in the close knit network he has weaved together. A network of diverse vendors and buyers, each of whom are incredibly interesting, unique and caring for one another. Each of whom share a passion for luxury fashion resale.

Almost one-year on, and after a wild week at London 'Christos Con', I can say that I am truly grateful to him and the community that he has curated. I've built deep connections with countless women who are kind, caring and passionate. Each of them has brought me knowledge, love and joy to both my work and personal life. I am beyond grateful.

Thank you Christos, Laura and the rest of the Coveted by Christos team. It was an incredible few days in London, where we shared ideas, created memories and made friends. You excelled.

Below are some photos of the week, and don't forget to tune into our Live Shows #CovetedbyChristos on Thursday 12th of October at 6pm PT where I will be hosted for an hour of luxury, fashion and fun and on Thursday 26th of October at 5pm PT as well. We have some special pieces coming as usual…



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