Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Moms,

Being a mother of two little angels (sometimes terrors), I want to wish you all a special day tomorrow! I am a mother of two girls myself, Cleo (3.5 years) and Cassia Rose (1.5 years). As much as it is one of the biggest blessings in my life, it is also a LOT. 

I think mother's day should be everyday! I actually started thinking this week that I should excuse myself for the day and escape from my kids to go on a self care “Me Time” day. Massage? Pilates? A spa? Having been a mother for not that long, I've always felt compelled to spend the whole day with my daughters! I thought that now that I belonged in this motherhood's world, I should therefore make the most of it! However, the more I think about it, the more I feel like this could be a good opportunity to embrace selfishness and just do me! 

So often, being a mother is about giving ourselves away, sacrificing and most of the time it falls on us, moms! Anyone relates? How about just spending the time doing what we want just for that day! 

Please use this special discount on DWL's website to treat yourself to something special. After-all, you deserve it! And, if you still need to find something for your own mother then use this discount here! Let's celebrate our mom's properly, now that we know what motherhood is truly all about! 

I would not change anything - oh well - maybe more sleep and if we could add a “pause” buttons on kids that would be awesome too! Just a thought :) 

Hoping tomorrow will be filled with love and happiness, around the ones you love most! 

Lots of love,


Marie-Charlotte Vatelot

Founder @detachwlove


Below my two little girls, Cleo and Cassia Rose in one of this heart shattering moment of love…My two motors in life and biggest inspiration to be in the present moment!





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