Grateful & Excited!

Grateful & Excited!

I cannot even begin with how excited I am about this coming together! I'm thrilled to share with you my closet and others'. I have so many more products to add to DWL website, so please join our community to stay up to date with what's new and stay in touch with me!

I have a true passion for closet editing and I pride myself in being an expert in high end luxury brands and products having worked in the industry for years. It's been a blessing to start as a model and work with many brands. I still remember my favorite recurring job when I was modeling in Miami. I use to be a live mannequin for Bottega Veneta's former designer, Tomas Maeir. It was painful standing up for hours in high heels for him to just finish up his Bottega's collections but I learned so much from it.

Later, I was fortunate enough to collect designer clothes and products and  cherish my own little collection. I also soon realized that having too much wasn't satisfying and it defeated the purpose of truly loving my special pieces. That's when I started minimizing and selling things back.

On my website, I decided I would keep it real. It's just me! A French woman from Paris, in love with fashion and dedicated to finding lovely pieces from my own shopping adventures as well as from my beloved friends and customers. I want to thank my friends with whom it all started. They trusted me with their treasures and decided I should sell their possessions. I'm thankful to my clients as well whom I didn't know before and who let me take care of their pieces before handing them down to someone else! I cannot believe I'm getting to do this!

Again, I want to keep things real here. No touch-ups, no photoshop and a very authentic feel to my closet. I actually take pride in making it simple and accessible. Fashion is made to be fun. And I am having a lot of fun with it! Not taking myself seriously here :) 

If you have any comments, suggestions or things you'd like to see more of - please feel free to leave a comment or send me a direct message. I would love to connect and grow with you. I would love to help you detach with love or find your next gem throughout my wardrobe. Sharing is caring! 

Cannot wait to see this flourish and share my love for fashion with you! 

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