Dear all,

This week marks the one year anniversary of Detach With Love. I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you for having been on this path with me. Either you are a friend, a family member, a buyer, a consignor or just someone who believes in circular fashion, I thank you for helping me build my small business.

Detach With Love started years ago but I had no idea it would be called like so or that it would even become what it is now.

After years of selling in a circular fashion way my own clothes and sometimes friends’s ones, a year ago I took the leap and built a name and a brand. DWL really was born after two marking events. First a close friend of mine moving from Los Angeles to New York and dropping about 200 pieces for me to sell for her. And then, a complete stranger and stunning blond woman flying from New York to Los Angeles and dropping me two suitcases of Chanel, Dior and more to sell from LA. She didn’t know me but to my biggest surprise, she offered me trust. At that point, I thought “Let’s do it. Let’s make a website. Let’s create a business and see what happens.” These two women without knowing offered me a path to pursue. It’s around the holidays that I created a website and started the process of establishing my dream into something more solid.

I cannot believe the luck I’ve had with it. Not only because it’s working as a business but because it’s made me encounter countless of incredible souls on the way. I’ve made connections to women and men on a deeper level. I’ve been blown away with the fact that everyday I wake up excited and passionate about what I do. Back then, I was studying for my psychology degree and I thought I would set up a side gig with Detach With Love. I had no idea that it would work and that I would develop such a passion for it. My daughters Cleo and Cassia being 3 and 1 years old at the time, I quickly understood that I couldn’t keep studying and building a business at the same time. I ended up diving into the Detach With Love adventure and I don’t regret it a second. DWL became my third baby!

Thank you to all of you who encourage me and who keep supporting me with kind words and help. Detach With Love wouldn’t be alive without you.

Detach With Love was born from the passion of passing down gems to others in order to minimise waist. It was born from the love for finding a good deal and for curating special one of a kind pieces. It also stems from the willingness to make mistakes and learn along the way!

So far, DWL had numerous pop-ups and intimate sales during which like-minded people met and gathered. DWL has also travelled different parts of the world to meet consignors. I truly cannot wait to see what year 2 brings along. We are ready for it!

Sending love to all of you and wishing you the happiest holidays!


PS: “DWLTURNS1" at checkout for a 20% discount and anniversary gift to you.


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