Daily Ritual

Daily Ritual

As we are entering the holidays in full swing, a lot of people are getting anxiety over meeting with their families, spending too much time eating and ultimately losing themselves in the process. The last months have increased our social anxiety and it can feel overwhelming to be thrown into large gatherings or to stay in the same house with our family members for too long. 


My favorite thing to do to start the day right is to allow myself to get time to do my little ritual, my spiritual ritual. As difficult as it can get with 2 daughters (Cleo. a 3 year-old and Cassia Rose, a 1 year-old), it is very important for me to connect to my higher power daily and to my deeper self.

Even if it’s ten minutes, I retreat in my office and I pause. I take that time to pray, meditate for a few minutes, read from a daily inspiration book and journal if I don’t have one of my daughter banging on my door before I can finish. 


My daily ritual:

  • Praying is really about thanking my higher power and being grateful as I recognize all I have. I also ask to be of service to best of my availability and to be open to experience life just as it comes.

  • Meditating is as simple as sitting on my meditation pillow with my eyes closed and hands on my laps. I try to count my breath until 10 and start again in order to quiet my thoughts.

  • Reading an inspirational daily reader help me to get out of me!

  • Journaling is a great way for me to let it go on paper. Another good way to turn things over and detach from what doesn’t serve me. It is also a great way to discover things I might not have been conscious of or even more a way to better process my feelings.


If I allow myself to do all this at the start of my day, I have a good chance to spend the rest of my day with more serenity and peace. I cherish this moment of self-care and I need to apply this throughout the holidays!

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