An obsession for Handbags

An obsession for Handbags

I have a thing for handbags…I mean who doesn’t? No, but I mean - a REAL thing for them! Actually the first item I sold on Poshmark was a Balenciaga, City Giant Gold in a Turquoise color. Since then, I’ve bought 5 more Balenciaga City and resold them all and now I want one again… Some people probably think that’s a bit crazy, I like to think I have a thing for handbags…

I use to love having a collection but I quickly realized the joy that rotating my pieces brought me. I could sell back a bag and make room for a new one and always feel like I had my favorite, perfect, minimal collection. It gives me so much joy to look for the right price and to buy pre-loved pieces. It makes me feel that I minimize the waste of water which come with creating a piece of clothes for example. If someone doesn’t love that piece anymore, someone new will! I love how I feel part of a community of like minded women when we buy from each other’s closets too.

Right now, I’m really into Bottega Veneta. I love my Padded Cassette in Acorn color which my husband brought back to me as a surprise. I have my eye on the mini Jodie (probably in Parakeet which is a bright green color) and I also love raffia bag for every day in Malibu. As I spend a lot of time there, on the beach or at Little Malibu Soho, I love the simplicity and elegance it brings. I’ve been using my Celine, Buckle Bucket bag in raffia a lot. And I’m contemplating buying a square raffia Loewe as well!

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