An LA Lifestyle

An LA Lifestyle

In 2012, I moved across the country to Los Angeles. Originally from Paris, I had been living in Miami for 3 years. I really didn’t like Miami and I didn’t think I liked LA either. I came to LA a few times and I didn’t understand all the driving!

However, I was modeling at that time and I decided to visit a few modeling agencies while visiting a friend there for a weekend. One of the booker, I met then told me she would love signing me in. She was so excited about it that I gave it a shot and planned to move there for 1 month. This 1 month changed my LA view forever. I fell in love.

LA is not a vacation spot, you don’t just visit LA…LA is a way of life!

After spending this first full month in West Hollywood, I packed all my belongings and started my adventures in California. I have never regretted it. LA is home for me! I would love to make you discover some parts I love about it throughout this blog portion of Detach With Love.

In LA, I get excited to wake up every morning (early), I love nature here, I love the unique light. I love the people, the creativity, the multiple pockets of life. I have to say since I’ve been here there are many times when I found myself driving (of course) and discovering a new neighborhood, a little nook of life that I hadn’t come across before. I think that’s one of the many charm of this beautiful and large, very large city.

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