2023, Welcome

2023, Welcome

A Happy New Year to everyone out there! I wish you all that you deserve. Hopefully not so much of what you want but more of what you need. Of course, loads of love, security, laughter, opportunities and joy.

I would also like to ask: What are you detaching from? I named the company “Detach With Love” for a reason… truly, what are you detaching from?

Detachment, for me, is a concept that I cherish. I look forward to any excuse, such as New Years Eve, to set new intentions. It provides space to leave old things behind, things that no longer serve me.

2022 was an incredible year. It was also a challenging one. I began a business out of pure passion. At the same time, one of my most intimate family relationship ended. It was a year filled with an emotional push and pull. I wish to leave behind people, places and things that no longer feel healthy. I chose to detach with love. Without anger, without fear (and hopefully the least amount of tears), I chose to believe that shedding the old makes room for new and better-suited things.

We are constantly evolving our passions, interests, tastes and persona. I invite love, willingness, gratitude and serenity into my life. I wish these ingredients for myself and for my daughters. I aim to show up as a shining light and teachable guide at the beginning of their lives, and throughout.

I am grateful for this growing community and wish you many beautiful adventures in 2023. I know that plenty are coming our way! Life is a gratifying journey if we

can be present and show up for it. I hope you can detach with love from things that are no longer serving you and know in your hearts that better will come.

Also, if you need to do a closet cleanse and detach from a few pieces…we are here to help…always!



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