2022, I Welcome You.

2022, I Welcome You.

Happy New Year!

   New Year always makes me reflect on what I wish more of in my life going forward. It also brings me gratitude for all the human experiences I got to have over the past year. And it makes me excited for the infinite possibilities to come. After all life is a big adventure!

   What would I like to attract more in 2022? What would I want to work on? What would I like to willingly let go of? Could I detach from some patterns that do not serve me anymore?

   Detaching with Love is a term I first heard of in 2020 when some things were not working in my life anymore. We told me that it was ok to detach in a loving way. It was fine to not have all issues resolved at all times. This was such a novel concept for me and it was hard to wrap my head around it! At first, it was quite difficult to apply too! With some practice and some tools I was able to work on a few relationships which were dysfunctional and Detach With Love. Something extraordinary happened, I changed, things changed and ultimately everything got better. I need to be the change in my life!

How am I looking at 2022?

+ I’d like to embrace motherhood even more. I want to be a better mom. I wish for more play and for being more present for my two wonderful daughters, Cleo and Cassia Rose. Sometimes, I want to act like a kid around them and take things lightly. They are a gift in my life even if motherhood is SO much work!

+ I’d like to spend more time in nature. The beach truly makes me the happiest. Luckily enough, in Los Angeles, I live fifteen minutes from it. I will carve out more time to go for long sandy walks with my dog, Mochi. 

+ I’d like to practice kindness and love with people around me and ultimately with myself. I’d like to be of service as much as possible. This means I can start now and be gentle and helpful to my husband for a start!

+ I'd love to spend more time reading. I truly enjoy immersing myself in books and I have to find more time for it.

What would I like to detach from?

- I wish to stay away from compulsive behaviors. For me, compulsion can sometimes be found in food. I have a sweet tooth and when I start it’s hard to stop! (Anyone can relate?). The easiest way I found is to stay away from it. I can indulge in the natural sugar which can be found in fresh fruits when my desire comes for a treat! For 2022, I’m willing to give myself a break from sugar and all the terrible health related problems that come with it.

- I’d like to let go of the idea that things can be perfect. Perfection does not exist. Sometimes I have to accept that there is not enough time to do it all. I can let go and know that I’m doing my best one day at a time.

- Now of course a little word on fashion and how it all started… I want to keep Detaching With Love from some items in my life which I don’t use anymore. I want to give away or sell these pieces and make someone else happy with a well-made designer piece. This gives a second life to things so they can be loved in turn by someone new.

- I want to make room only for great quality designed pieces which will last longer. I want to know these can have a second life and stop the cycle of always producing more. Less production = less waste. Circular fashion is wonderful for this reason and very important to me. I'm always so happy when I purchase a beautiful second-hand item that suits my style but that someone else would have thrown away otherwise! Let's learn how to appreciate material things better and allow more room for human experience! 

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